Need a QSL Manager ?

Do you need a Qsl Manager ?

You are an active DX’er, planning a DX trip or a IOTA activation or maybe just a high user of Qsl and you don’t want to spend time collecting & processing cards ? I can help you with my QSL service.

My name is Flo, licenced since 1993 and I’m owner of the callsign F5CWU. I’m very active DX’er and DX’peditioner with over 40 DXCC activated the past 10 years, including remote places in Asia or in the Pacific ocean.

I can tell that I know what is DX and the importance of receiving QSL from DX stations.

 What can I do to help ?

– I can maintain a online-log with your file. Just drop me a mail with your log and I’ll process it.
I have a dedicated page on the website with online-log. I can add yours easily

– I can manage to print your cards. I work since couple of years with  a french printer that makes color cards (both side) at very competitive price. Design, paiement and shipping can be managed easily. I also worked with UX5UO, IT9EJW, LZ1JZ.

– I handle :

-> DIRECT cards to my home-adress
-> BUREAU cards sent through associations (I live nearby the french HQ and pick-up cards once a week)
->LOTW (updated as soon as new log is received)
-> OQRS (online  request) on this website to reduce delay & costs (direct or bureau answers). The QSL status page displays if the QSL has been processed yet or not.

How much it cost ?

-> Nothing as I do it for free. You can keep your time enjoying radio and making pile-up ! I’ll do the backstage job for you !

-> If balance between cost and received money is positive, I send you the funds as my service is not lucrative at all.

 The only 2 things I ask ?

-> Once a month, or even more often, send me the logs to avoid any delay in QSL processing

-> I collect stamps from direct requests and offer them to an hospital for « old people ». They are happy to collect them and it makes me happy to give them a smile.

Interested ?

–> send me a mail to:       flo @   (without space in the email adress)