60m – a month later

Well, I’m now on 60m for a bit more than a month and the score grow up to 120 DXCC worked on all continents with 2700 stations.

Due to COVID-19, I’ve been at home more often than usual and active almost all evening and nights. In the first days, I was lucky to work 10 new countries a day but at mid-point, 1 new DXCC/day was already a good score. Now everyday I meet the same DX stations with no real way to improve the score.

Of course I missed a couple of DX contacts (6W, 60, 4U1UN, 3D2, CP). All other « heard DX » have been worked, most of them without any problem.

In the first 2-3 days, I missed VP8/O and TU5 who ran Fox/Hound mode but I was not skilled enough to understand the process. That’s a pity because both sent me a reply but without the final RR73 message, making 2 uncompleted QSO.(because I was not in F/H mode).

The possibilities are very good and there’s a worldwide coverage every days. The only concern is the lack of CW active stations. For sure, in the coming months, the number of DX expeditions will increase the number of active countries.

I’ll keep an eye on the 60m waiting for new slots.  Have fun guys !

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