QSLWatch – Press release

We, Freddy J28RO (http://j28ro.blogspot.com) and Yan XV4Y (http://xv4y.radioclub.asia) are glad to announce you the launch of a new website that we are wishing will offer a new kind of service to the internation radioamateurs community and the Dxers.

Some months ago, we share an idea about making a website where should be published not the QSL routing informations (many websites already serve well this purpose) but informations about the quality of QSL answers from OM or QSL Managers.

It is true that during last decade with the increasing number of Mega-DXpeditions, some OM (a minority) thought they could find in QSL cards a way to finance their projects. We both agree that this is getting significantly far from the HAM spirit, since as we do understand one OM or a group of OM don’t like to loose money answering QSL cards (2$ per QSL sent multiplied by tens of thousands of QSO quickly make a huge amount of money), we think that earning money with this is another story. What makes us feel better is that many major expeditions (4W6A, T32C, VP6T and many more) have confirmed their QSO through Logbook of the World in a matter of weeks if not hours!

QSLWatch.com (http://www.qslwatch.com/) is fairly simple. You tell from what station or QSL manager you received a card, you give it a mark and you add a comment if you want it.

The technical infrastructure is simple and is already working for a couple of weeks, but spare time has been missing to Freddy and me in order to put all our QSL infos in the database. As time is running we would like to share this idea with you anyway. We hope you will help us to make this website better sharing your QSLing experiences.

Wishing you all the best, Good DX and happy QSLing!

Freddy and Yan


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